Armagh District Council

Council Offices
The Palace Demesne
Co Armagh
United Kingdom

Tel: 028 3752 9600
Fax: 028 3752 9601


About Armagh District Council

Under Local Government reorganisation in 1973 the District of Armagh was formed out of the Urban Districts of the City of Armagh, Keady, and Tandragee and the rural districts of Armagh and Tandragee.

Armagh, because of its hilltop fortress, became an important urban centre, according to local traditions as early as 600 BC. With the coming of Christianity, Armagh became the chief seat of St. Patrick and from this grew a great centre of religion and learning, until the dissolution of the monasteries in the reign of Henry VIII. In 1608 the Plantation of Ulster established Armagh as the county town and the modern patterns of agriculture and industry developed. Apart from Armagh urban communities grew up at Keady, which was an important centre of the linen industry. Tandragee, a plantation settlement of the St. John family, also developed a thriving linen industry and today has added milling, light-engineering, concrete fabrication and a potato-crisp factory. Markethill is associated with the famous author and satirist Dean Swift and has a flourishing cattle market and recently established light industries.

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